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I believe that building a business blog that earns on auto-pilot should be easy!

Jing Agustin, Blogging for Growth & Value Building

Have you ever wanted to create your blog and dreamed of making a second stream of income from it?

I mean a professional looking website with a delicious home page. Full of articles and posts sharing your experiences, stories, ideas, tips, learnings, and adventures.


Then I know you've gone through several video tutorials and read a lot of how-tos and guide lists. You've wrestled with the google search and ended up more confused and paralyzed than when you started.

Creating and keeping a blog is amazing! I enjoy maintaining and growing the blogs now. But it was different when I started out. I hardly know the terms and lingo of web creation and web marketing.

WordPress blog,

Content Building,

​Lead Generation,

Sales Funnel, and

Marketing Automation

--all sounded like rocket-science...

Nevertheless, when I review this site, it has all these elements in and more.

I'm a retired Mom (with two teens) who decided to learn about creating a blog at 48 years old, and I am doing them all now. Not so rocket science after all...

I am the type who loves to learn and make the best out of the present. So, when I was able to make my first blog, I thought I might as well earn from it.

"Why not?" the tiny voice in my head insists.

And guess what? I did it once and it was a surprise.

Is was not expected because there was hardly deliberate effort put into it. Still, it proved it can be done even by someone who started as non-techie as me.

Now, imagine if you and me, deliberately focus on creating a blog that earns on auto-pilot. Wonder how that would be?

That's why I started Blogging for Growth & Value Building. This is a project blog. This is the place for all learning discoveries, opportunities, resources, stories and inspirations that are collected in the pursuit of web-base abundance. 

This is the beginning of the development of this resource hub to help aspiring newbie bloggers and marketers. This blog is the resource for you to grow and create value on the web. As well as the resource to create your first website.

The mission is to provide resource and assistance that supports growth and value building for the self and business. That's why this blog publishes outstanding content, guides, step-by-step tutorials, and well-researched references for free.

I do not claim to be an expert. But I am willing to share and help. We're together in the same journey.

​"The expert at anything was once a beginner." - Helen Hayes

I know how overwhelming it can be at the start.

​Growing up, I am often told: "You will always be better than someone else. But there will always be someone else better than you too."

I agree.

So, let's all learn to grow and build value from each other. And make building blogs earning on auto-pilot easy!

Message me. It's fun exchanging ideas and discovering friends.​

Jing is certainly a dynamic and excellent leader to emulate. She is very dedicated and determined to grow businesses and help people realize their full potentials. She has contributed to the growth of people under her leadership and continues to influence others to aspire and succeed.

 -Vida Arciaga, Vice President for HR, EXL services, Phils.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Monette RosarioHorse Riding Instructor & Horse Trainer

I was clueless about using the internet in marketing my business until Jing helped me. The result was incredible and it grew my business as well as opened up opportunities. I would recommend Jing to people who need to grow their business through online presence and marketing.

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