13 Reasons You Should Invest in This Blogging System


13 Reasons Why You Should Use and Invest in this Blogging System.

This is the reason I've been off the regular post writing schedule for some time.

As you well know, I believe that building a blog that earns for you should be easy. Many times, someone I know, or maybe even you, would have great ideas and would like to share it through a blog.

But then the technical hurdle of blog creation gets in the way.

The learning curve to transition from Word or Page to WordPress can easily drain the enthusiasm for some. And it can also be a waste of valuable time. When I started out, writing the article was the easier part. The frustration and stress usually crop up on publishing it as a blog either in Blogger or WordPress.

There are lots of tools you would need to add to your WordPress. That is if you want to make sure your blog looks good and are reaching your audience. One would have to research and go through tons of recommendations we find from Google-ing. And we know this takes our precious time.

time saver

Fortunately, I found this website builder that takes away this hurdle for startups. A solution for beginning online entrepreneurs. Finally found the one!

Blogging System

This is the one blogging system or website builder that starts you off publishing blog posts right away.

You can start blogging with this system even if you're totally non-techie. Yes, even if you have zero technical knowledge about building a website. This system crunched all the tech overwhelm for you.

In this post, you'll learn about this done-for-you blogging software that runs on WordPress. It eliminates all the tech overwhelm that startups deal with, and derails them from immediately implementing and benefiting from their campaigns and business.

For the past weeks, I've been attending the daily webinars about this system. I envy those who'll start off with this one. You'll save lots of time and your business will grow sooner. Faster. 


The tools I'm referring to are Impact Instrument (website builder) and Rocket Pages (page builder). These are website building software or Blogging System that will be launched this coming September 2016.

13 Reasons Why You Should Invest In this Blogging System

1. You get to set up your blog fast and easy. It can be done in 5 minutes.

2. You get to build your email list right away. The blogging system comes equipped with the best Opt-in and Leads generation forms plugin.

3. You don't have to purchase and install Thrive Leads plugin separately. It's inclusive in the system all ready for you to use.

4. You get to create Opt-in pages and Leads generation campaign using a vast library of ready-made templates. No need for coding.

5. You get to do evergreen scarcity campaigns that multiply your conversion without having to increase traffic. You can use and implement scarcity marketing right away.

6.  You don't have to buy and install Thrive Ultimatum plugin separately. The blogging system comes with Thrive Ultimatum plugin. The best plugin for evergreen scarcity campaigns.


7.  You come up with great headlines fast. You get to have your instant headline for your blog post with the Instant Headline Copywriter. Suggested headlines are generated with just a few keywords from you. Awesome productivity tool. 

8.  You get to use your most effective headlines every time. An effective headline makes sure all your time and effort does not go to waste. It only takes 2.6 seconds to grab your readers with your headline. The headline analyzer that goes with the system guides you in always using your most effective headline.

9. You don't need to buy and install The Thrive Headline Analyzer separately on your own. It comes as an inclusive plugin to the blogging software or website builder. You get to do your own A/B testing internally.

10. You get speed. One of the easiest and surest ways to lose an audience is a page or a site that loads slowly. The system has added a Minification plugin to shrink files and makes the page load up fast.

fast page loading

11. You get to create your own Landing Pages and Sales Pages with a vast library of templates. No need for any coding. Simply select a ready to use template, edit its components and links, and you have a done landing page or sales page.

12. You get easy to follow tutorials in one place. It also comes with built-in video step-by-step tutorials for all its features and functions.

13. You save time and money. It's a done-for-you-blogging-system (website builder) valued at $43,000. Yet, it is being made available to you, to start and grow your business, at less than $1 a day. Approximately $0.80 a day. Wow! You get a website builder that is fully loaded and ready to use. Plus, at that price, it's already paired with a page builder software.


These will definitely make it a whole lot easier to start a blog site and start doing business online.

These tools got me excited for the past weeks. It could have saved me lots of money if I started with these tools! Imagine all the time it could have saved me too?!

Invest in this Blogging System Launching on September 2016

The Impact Instrument and Rocket Pages tools will be launched by Unity Network in September. Unity Network is the new company of Ignition Marketing.

Since it is not yet formally launched, I cannot write much about it yet. But there are real golden opportunities and discounts you can take advantage of before the formal launch. Opportunities such as 2-month trial period, affiliate recurring commissions, and matching million bonus are among the many things that excite the community. Message me at jaa@jingagustin.com and I will let you know how you can avail of the 2 months free trial period.

the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Several posts about Impact Instrument and Rocket Pages will be published as soon as these products launched.

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Hey, if you enjoy this post, 13 Reasons Why You Should Invest in this Blogging System, and get value in it, feel free to share.

Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

Jing Agustin| Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin| Authentic Creative Value Builder

P.S. -> Learn more about Unity Network here.

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