$1 Email Autoresponder and Marketing Automation for Beginners

email marketing automation

$1 Email Autoresponder and Marketing Automation for Beginners

The question was: "Is there a $1 email marketing automation tool?"

The answer: Yes there is. The DRIP or GetDrip. The 'Get to Start with Drip at $1 per month' is one of the best news for startups. It is the best email marketing automation for beginners. 

But first, let's give you the simplest definition of email autoresponder and marketing automation.


An autoresponder is a program that automatically replies to e-mails. It is run from a mail server and is set-up by the user through a web-based interface. It is the tool that makes it possible to send a "Thank you" Note to 10,000 emails all at the same time with one click.

Marketing Automation

While marketing automation is using a software to automate marketing processes. It is a program that manages campaigns, groups customers, and integrates customer data in aide of marketing processes.

Key Elements of Email Autoresponder and Marketing Automation

  • Lead refers to e-mail address.
  • Lead Nurturing refers to relationship building through emailing.
  • List Management refers to the capability to group your subscribers based on their interest and activity on your site.
  • Web Analytics refers to having data showing how each subscriber behave on your campaigns and website.
  • Lead Scoring refers to the scoring system that qualifies subscribers to more personalized campaigns.
  • CRM refers to the integrated customer data that guides sales efforts.

Overview of Email Autoresponder and Marketing Automation

Email Marketing
How to Send A Broadcast Email
How to Set-up a Campaign

Why It's Awesome to Start Off with This Tool at only $1 per month?

The $1 per month offer to beginners comes with all the same features as that of the regular account $49 per month. Some of the more advanced features which you also get to use at $1 a month are:

How to Set-up a Split Test
How to Set-up a Conversion Goal
The DRIP Work Flow Automation

Now, a beginner is qualified as one having 100 emails (or less) on your list. Once your list grows to 101, you'll be qualified to the $49 a month. Imagine all the savings you get while learning the ropes of building your email list. Plus you get the Drip's full features to start and grow with. It's really about supporting the startups.

Drip makes it all possible to make evergreen campaigns. It has a whole lot more features like personalizing your email communication. Take the shift from emailing one-to-many approach into the one-to-one personalized approach. Click HERE to learn more and start your free trial.

email marketing automation

​Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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