Easy Free Traffic Even A Newbie Can Do It

Easy Free Traffic Newbie

Other than conversion and sales, traffic is one of the key parameters in doing your online business. Driving a good amount of traffic to your blog, or website, or page is important to earn online.

There are two basic sources of traffic. There are free traffic and there are paid traffic.

Paid traffic refers to getting traffic using Facebook Ads. Doing facebook ads is an effective way of targeting audience and getting traffic.

free facebook traffic

However, most newbies are uncomfortable and hesitant at doing fb ads. Plus, it takes time to learn it too. 

In this post, I will share with you the 4 steps strategy to get free traffic using your Facebook account.

Free Traffic Secret : 4 Steps Strategy for Free Traffic Using Your Facebook Account

1. Grow your friend list.

Reaching out is a number game. The bigger the number you reach, the more chances you have of attracting traffic, conversion, and sale. 

Grow your friends list with your target audience. Find people that matches the content and proposition of your facebook account. Find people with the same interest as yours.

Use the facebook search tool to find groups with interest matching yours and your business.

free traffic facebook

Look some people up. Send them a friend request if you see them as someone who may be a potential client. But don't pitch. Just say you find some of his/her post interesting and you just want to connect or network.

According to the last mastermind webinar I attended; You'll only start to benefit from the free traffic when your list reaches more than 1000.

The correct mindset here is to find people with the same interest as yours. You are making friends. Throw away the salesman's hat and simply socialize.

2. Plan and design your fb post content.

Plan and design your posts for the consumption of your audience. It must always be something that they would like, enjoy, need, and use.

free traffic facebook

Remember: Post to serve your selected audience. It is about them and serving their needs and interests. Make sure the post is something both of you and your followers will enjoy.

Think about what gets their attention while scrolling through their feeds?

Focus on that. And provide that.

3. Leave instructions on your posts.

Facebook loves it when people interact. Post with great number of reactions gets shown to more people. 

free traffic facebook

So, encourage them to react to your post. It's okay to tell them what to do. It's best that you do whenever necessary.

Examples of this are:

  • Type 'Yes' in the comment if you get it.
  • Like if you Agree.
  • Like and Share to spread the word.
  • Click the link to learn more.
  • Message me if you want to join.
  • Comment with 'I want to learn' and I'll send you the webinar link .
4. Reciprocate.

Socializing is talking to each other.

Make sure to reply or respond when your post gets reaction, e.g., Like, Share, and Comments.

People feel good when you give them attention for their gesture. The acknowledgement encourages them to interact more with you. So, they comment more, and share more. And before long, you'll be developing a relationship with them. 

And that's how you get free traffic from your facebook account. These are very doable. If you lack the resource, rely on your resourcefulness and persistence.

Bottom line here is build an audience with facebook; the correct or targeted group. Then, establish a relationship with them. And the traffic will eventually be there.

All things being equal, people will give business to those they know, like, and trust.

Bob Burg  
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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

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Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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