Discover the New Creative Interactive Forms and Surveys


Discover the New Creative Interactive Typeforms

Every now and then, we need to get information through surveys and forms. It's a means for us to get information and give better support and services.

But, let's face it, filling-up forms isn't an exciting thing to do. It's down right boring. Like this example below:

But what if you are presented with something like this one?

Powered by Typeform

That's a whole lot more fun isn't it?

This is actually a discovery from a good experience.

I recently got a request for a survey. And as you well know, most surveys can be a drag. But not this one! It was entertaining. I hardly noticed the time pass.

Guess what I did?​

I went on to find out what app they used. That survey left me smiling and feeling good. Wouldn't it be nice to let others experience that too?

And I found out what it is.​

It is Typeform. A new app for creating forms and surveys on your website. It gives a totally new experience on filling-up forms. You would hardly feel like you're filling up a form.

Is it free?


We can use it for free with its logo appearing at the end of the form. I find it so cool, I am using it for my Contact form.

Online form powered by Typeform

In this post, I will walk you through creating an interactive survey using TypeForm.

So that you'll be able to transform your traditional surveys and forms into awesome experiences for your market. 

Let's get going.

Google search for

typeform app

There's no required sign-up. You can use the app right away. Click on 'Get started now'.

typeform app

A short and quick tutorial demonstration or walk through is presented.

typeform app

If you already have an account, you 'Log in'. Otherwise, you create your account (to save your work) by clicking "Save account'.

typeform app

Provide your information.

typeform app

A very short 2-question survey appears. You can answer or skip.

typeform app

You may start creating your typeform. Click the big '+'.

typeform app

Now, you may either start from scratch or use their templates. I opted to use the template.

typeform app

Again, a short tutorial or walk-through is presented to first-time user.

typeform app

You are then presented with various Templates for different types of project.

typeform app
  • Registration form
  • Market Research Survey form
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey form
  • Branding Questionaire form
typeform app
  • Post Event Survey form
  • Contact Form
  • Event Registration form
  • Membership Application form
  • Marketing Survey form
typeform app
  • Job Application form
  • Demographic Survey form
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey form
  • Volunteer Application form
  • Suggestion Box
  • Lead Generation form
typeform app
  • Social Media Survey form
  • Sign-up Sheet form
  • Student Satisfaction Survey form
  • Funny Poll form
  • Self Evaluation form
  • Teacher Evaluation form
typeform app
  • T-shirt Order form
  • Net Promoter Score form
  • Party Invitation form
  • Cake Order form
  • Straw Poll form
  • 360 Degree Feedback form
typeform app
  • Employee Evaluation form
  • Political Poll form
  • Facebook Poll form
  • Wedding RSVP form
  • Patient Registration form
  • Incident Report form
typeform app
  • Vacation request form
  • Customer Development Survey form
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey form
  • Trivia Quizz form
  • Science Quizz form
  • Geography Quizz form
typeform app
  • Emergency Contact form
  • Photography Session Booking form
  • Delivery Order form
  • Donation form
  • Vocabulary Quizz form
  • Avatar Creator form

There's a huge template library. (There must be a whole lot more for a paid account.)

For this tutorial post, I selected Customer Satisfaction Survey.

typeform app

Click on "Use this template'.

typeform app

Form elements menu are on the left side.

typeform app

The survey form and questions are shown.

typeform app

The main menu: Build, Design, Configure, Share, and Analyze

typeform app

You can edit each component of the survey by clicking on the item. Say, click on the survey description.

typeform app

You edit it in the text box on the left side menu. You see the preview on the right. Click 'Save' after editing. Close by clicking 'x' at the upper right corner.

typeform app

Again, you edit the survey Section in the same way. Click 'Section 1| Product'

typeform app

You edit the Question Group in the text box. You see the changes and Preview right away. Click 'Save'.

typeform app

It is the same for editing the survey questions. You can edit the question and the choices. Preview of changes is immediately shown to you. Don't forget to click 'Save'.

typeform app

You can edit each question and the coding part is already done for you.

typeform app

You may vary how the design and features that makes it creative and interactive.

typeform app

You may add other survey questions or form component by drag & drop option. Get it from the components menu and move it to the form area.

typeform app

Each form component has edit icons for logic jump, calculator, duplicate, move, and delete.

typeform app

The Design Menu offers control on Colors, Fonts, and Background.

typeform app

There are plenty of default color palette. You can also customise your own palette. 

typeform app

You can change the background color or upload a background image.

typeform app

The Configure menu offers control in Settings, Integrations, Self-notifications, Respondent Notifications, Progress Widget, Messages, and Webhooks.

typeform app

The Configure Menu offers integration with various platforms to collect and save your data and information. The integration is through Zapier.

typeform app

Data and information notifications can be directed and saved to:

  • Google Sheets
  • Mail Chimp
  • Trello
  • Get SMS
  • Zendesk
  • HipChat
  • Slack
  • MySQL Database
  • Other integrations at Zapier

You'll be asked to 'Save your account' when you clicked on the Share Menu.

typeform app

Click 'View my typeform'.

typeform app

You may share your Typeform in 3 ways: 

  • Grab the full URL and share it on the web.
  • Launch it in a pop-up
  • Embed it on your webpage

You can share and use your Typeform on several social media platforms. You can also send it by email.

typeform app

Typeform also offers analysis on the performance of your forms. This is in the Analysis menu.

typeform app
  • Metrics - monitor your Typeform across devices
  • Results - view your results or download to .xlsx
  • Google Analytics - track visits to your Typeform
  • Report - get insights into the data you've collected

This is how this Customer Satisfaction Survey looks like:

Online survey powered by Typeform

And that's it! Now you know how to create forms and surveys that are fun and interactive.

Forms and Surveys are valuable marketing tools to get information and feedbacks. These allow you to get a deeper understanding of your customers and market.

Yet, you cannot just put out your forms and surveys and expect it to be welcomed with full enthusiasm. Other than having relevant questions, presentation adds a lot to the whole experience.

Typeform is a good option to give a pleasant experience. You can use it for free and it is relatively new. Why not try these creative of forms and surveys? See how well it will work for you.

Sometimes, a great shopper insight is more valuable than a great product. - Jeff Swearingen

Sometimes, a great shopper insight is more valuable than a great product. - Jeff Swearingen

If however, you find this app a bit complicated for you, you can always do your forms and survey in Google Form. It is not animated as the Typeform though. Read more about it: Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Create Free Online Survey Forms Using Google Drive Forms

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Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

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