What is the Message to Market Match?

message to market match

Understanding the value of Message to Market Match may just be what you need to improve your campaign results.

Let's refer to this Message to Market Match as the 3Ms of Campaigns ​or 3MC.

In this post, we'll look at the Message to Market Match so that you may improve your campaign results by making sure your campaign is talking to the right audience.

Message to Market Match is an obvious requirement of any campaign. Your message has to match the interests of the receiving audience. Otherwise it is a mismatch.

The mismatch is often in having a general message or a broad audience.

As often said: "When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one."

Even a minor improvement of the subtle mismatch will improve campaign results.

The Message to Market Match


The message of each campaign is best customised for the target audience segment. This means that you create different campaigns connect better to each segment of your market.

message to market match

The above example offers clothes and targets plus size women.

Say you are promoting a women fitness program. You will naturally have a different message for each of the following segments of your target market.

  • Busy working women
  • Women in their 40's and 50's
  • Mothers with toddlers and babies
  • Women who needs to gain weight
  • Ladies who needs to tone their body
  • Women who needs to loose much weight, etc.

Each group would have different concerns that your message needs to connect to. ​ You may just be promoting a single product but you would need to customise several messages to connect with the segments that comprise your target audience.


Defining your market to a very specified niche may just simplify your message creation process.

Say you're into dog training. You can either create a message like:

"Dog Training for First Time Dog Owners"

Or, you can super niche this with:

"Rottweiler Obedience Training In 48 Hours"​

Public Speaking and Coaching is good niche. Look at how the example below targeted a particular segment of their market.

message to market match

The top example offers training programs for speakers and coaches; and devotes this campaign to reaching out to the women segment of the market.

Super specific niche always works better. Quality weighs more than quantity when it comes to market leads. Zero in to a niche and you'll get more qualified target market.


Matching message to market is a must.  The key is in understanding and accepting that different personas make up your market.

The market for a surround speaker may have these personas as customer:

  • A bachelor who wants to have awesome surround sound for his condo home entertainment set-up.
  • The girlfriend of the bachelor above who wants to gift him with his dream surround speakers.
  • The owner of the restaurant who wants to give his customers pleasant music dining at his place.

You would have to talk to them differently about the surround speaker if you are to convince them into deciding on your sound system. 

The bachelor would most likely look for specs and technical details. The girlfriend would most likely resonate with the benefits than the specs. And the restaurant owner would most likely look for a balance of cost, quality, ease of installation, and maintenance.

So, does it mean, you have to make several campaigns to connect to the different personas of your market?

Yes. That is if you​ want to really connect to your market.

A general message that speaks to everyone may work for some. But it does not connect in a more personal level.​

Below is a good example of a general message to a general audience.

message to market match

When a campaign feels like speaking to your market as if understanding their real concerns and problems... or is the entertainment they just need...

You'll catch their attention.

Anyone who uses Excel and needs to be productive with it will notice the example below.

message to market match

You can also look at how Oreo does it: Oreo facebook

Understanding and knowing you market personas will make the "message to market match" easier and more effective.  It is always about what they want and need to hear to address their concerns and problems.

Campaign response is a good indicator of the "message to market match". It's either you have the wrong message. Or the wrong market. Or both are lacking specificity.

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Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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