3 Reasons Why You Need to Review the Cone of Learning


3 Reasons Why You Need to Review the Cone of Learning

Just like a child and a schooler, we are all learners every day. And since you're here, you must be passionate about learning too.

But how do you spend your time learning?

How do you acquire more knowledge and gain more skills?

Just the other day, Peng Joon, had a short FB live broadcast about this cone of learning. And it's about how to best spend your time learning so that you get results. It's an awesome reminder and I want to share it with you on this post. 

According to the Cone of Learning, how much we remember is greatly influenced by the Nature of Involvement. And that's either through Active learning or Passive learning.

Cone of Learning

Active Learning

The chart indicates that after 2 weeks, you get to remember:

90% of what you say and do by:

  • Doing the real thing
  • Simulating the real experience
  • Doing a dramatic presentation

70% of what you say by:

  • Giving a talk
  • Participating in a discussion

Passive Learning

While in learning with Passive involvement, you get to remember: 

50% of what you hear and see by:

  • Seeing it done on location 
  • Watching a demonstration
  • Looking at an exhibit-watching a demonstration
  • Watching a movie

30% of what you see by:

  • Looking at pictures

20% of what you hear by:

  • Hearing words

10% of what you read by:

  • Reading

Robert Kiyosaki presents the Cone of Learning on his Wealth Masters events.  He says that learning by active involvement is the way the Rich Dad learns and the passive involvement is the way the Poor Dad learns. Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

Ironically, this charts shows that our schools practice mostly passive involvement of learning. Mostly through reading and listening.

However, this does not mean you cannot go a notch higher. You now have a guide on how best to learn using the chart above.

Kiyosaki uses the chart to promote his Cash Flow game which serves as a simulation of what it's like to do business. It's in the upper portion of the cone which is "simulating the real experience".

After reviewing this chart and listening to Kiyosaki and Peng Joon, I've come up with 3 reasons why it's beneficial to review the cone of learning:

3 Reasons Why You Need to Review the Cone of Learning

1. You get to have the results you want as you spend more time doing and implementing what you read, hear, and see. Understanding that active involvement will get you to learn more will motivate you to do the actual thing. You'll learn what actually works for you.

2. You get to avoid the mistake most passionate learners do. Most learners do a lot more reading than implementing. In the end, some get to be information hoarders. They know a lot but lack results because they fall short on practicing or implementing what they learn. You can avoid being a hoarder of information.

3. You get to realize and understand the key elements of effective learning. It is the combination of reading, hearing, speaking, and a lot of doing. You can memorize the rules of volleyball. But you have to play it too to learn it.


We read, listen, and watch to learn and develop new skills. However, it can be so easy to get lost in all those new information and get addicted to collecting knowledge.

Immersion supported with sufficient knowledge is the most effective way of learning.

You can read and watch demonstrations on how to grow mushrooms. But you'll never gain the confidence of cultivating them unless you actually start growing some. There are some things that only immersion can teach you.

Getting results and goals require learning and doing, and a system to follow.

There are some who are very knowledgeable but short on results. What they lack is doing more of what they know. Being a vault of vast knowledge isn't of much use unless shared and practiced.

And there are others who does a lot. They have massive actions but still lack results. What they miss is having a system.

As Peng Joon said: "Learning and getting results is learning and doing and having a system to follow."

I used to be a hoarder too. But since I shifted to immediately testing the new things that I learn, things start to move faster. Nothing beats experiential learning. And the Cone of Learning supports that.

If you keep on listening to the little voice in your head insisting you have to learn this and that before you launch, then you'll never get to launch. Do the actual thing. 

Active learning

"You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over."

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Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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