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Thrive Visual Editor

I remember the first time I stared at WordPress Blog interface on my PC screen. It was like "Oh shoot!" What is this?

The interface is not intuitive at all. Reminds me of the first time I opened the Photoshop app. I wanted to hit the "close" button after 2 minutes.

Getting around to using WordPress to "at ease" level takes time. It's a deterrent in your progress especially when you're so gearing to go.

Creating content is time-consuming. It takes a reasonable enough time to conceptualize and write your content. The thing is, it takes more time to translate and implement your content to the site as a Page or a Post.

Just how many times does it take to go back and forth from "edit" to "view" to finish a page or a post? Plenty! Switching from tab to tab is a huge time stealer. Loading spinners are drags on productivity.

This is a real concern. So real that visual editors for WordPress have started coming out. I have tried one of them, like the Unyson. It is useful and makes things a bit easier like inserting tables and some other elements. But so far, nothing beats this visual editor I am to tell you about.

This is the ultimate WYSIWYG visual editor for WordPress. It saves huge amount of time, every time. Here's how:

14 Ways How This Tool Makes Using WordPress Easier Every Time

1. A Drag and Drop Interface. Ultimate Click-to-Edit Front End Builder for Your WordPress Website. It gives the convenience of a drag and drop interface. You build the Page by dragging and dropping content elements to the page. If you want to edit something, you click on it. You see the page in the same way your viewers sees it in real time. A true WYSIWYG.

Thrive Content Builder

2. Speed and Abstraction. The page you are editing looks exactly like the page your visitor sees. Not a mere representation of blocks and bricks of the page elements. You don't need to load a preview in a new tab and switch back and forth between your editor and preview. No more mental interpretations of what your page looks like while on editor. And no more loading spinner.

Thrive Content Builder

3. Drag and Drop Conversion-Boosting Buttons & Calls to Action. Easily add large, attention-grabbing buttons and calls to action to any post or page. Customize the size, color, style, link and many other aspects of each button.

Thrive Content Builder

4. Add Social Proof With the Testimonial Element. Create beautiful testimonials in seconds! Testimonials are one of the most powerful persuasion elements you can add to a page. Just drag, drop, and edit.

Thrive Content Builder

5. Reveal Your Call to Action at the Right Time. You can define a custom amount of time that needs to expire before your purchase buttons or other elements are revealed. A tool element feature at your disposal without coding.

Thrive Content Builder

6. Create Attention-Grabbing Content Boxes. Highlight important parts of your content with a (fully customizable) content box. Great for feature lists, review summaries, and text highlights.

Thrive Content Builder

7. Add Customizable, Responsive Pricing Tables. Pricing tables are usually a pain to create and manage in WordPress. With this tool, adding a stylish pricing table is click-to-edit easy!

Thrive Content Builder

8. Countdown Timer & Evergreen Countdown. Boost your conversions by adding a countdown timer. This animated timer makes it very unmistakably clear that your offer will expire soon. An evergreen countdown without doing any coding is simply awesome.

Thrive Content Builder

9. Get More Social Shares With a "Click to Tweet" Box. The easiest way to add Click-to-Tweet boxes to your content and entice your visitors to share your content and send you more social traffic.

Thrive Content Builder

10. Add Fully Responsive Videos with Just One Click. Inserting mobile-friendly YouTube and Vimeo videos in your content has never been easier. And if you have a custom HTML video embed, you can easily add it too!

Thrive Content Builder

11. Enhance Long Posts with the Automatic Table of Contents. Long posts are great for SEO and for getting more social shares. You can now further enhance your long content by adding a table of contents with just a few clicks.

Thrive Content Builder

12. Build Your List with the Lead Generation Element. Easily add fully customizable opt-in forms anywhere in your content. Supports multiple fields, checkboxes, drop-down menus and more!

Thrive Content Builder

13. Ready Made Templates.  Huge liberary of elegant and tested templates. Build your pages easily with ready made templates for the different page needs of your website (homepage, sales page, confirmation, opt-ins forms, etc.)

Thrive Content Builder

14. Create Beautiful Custom Post & Content Grids. Create a beautiful gallery of your latest blog posts, to add to your homepage. Or, customize the gallery to show posts of a specific category, date range and more.

Thrive Content Builder

15. (Bonus) It even reminds you to save your work. This tool reminds you to save your work every 10 minutes. This is great because we usually get engrossed with what we're doing that we sometimes miss hitting the "Save Changes". This reminder is very simple but valuable.

This tool is the Thrive Content Builder. The ultimate visual editor plugin for WordPress. The video below shows how easy it is to build a complete page with Thrive Content Builder.

Gone are the days when I get distracted and frustrated wrestling with the technical stuff. I don't get paralyzed anymore when my search for WordPress tutorials shows me coding works. This does not affect me anymore. I can now completely focus on building pages quickly and implementing offers without having to mess with codes.

Content creation has turned into a fun thing to do since I started using this visual editor plugin.  I'll gladly create Landing Pages anytime.

Here's another cool feature they added recently. It's now possible to put your customized thumbnail over the responsive videos you share.

Now, here's a brief demo to show how easy it is to create text links and 2-step Opt-ins to your content with this Thrive Content Builder.

Other than creating more time for you, it is the speed of implementation that really matters. The sooner we implement, the sooner we test, the sooner we learn from the results. Get the Thrive Content Builder and be ahead of the pack.

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