Are you aware of the traffic you own?

traffic you own

​Are you aware of the traffic you own?

Bringing traffic to your business site is one of the major concerns of any online entrepreneur.

First, I thought there were only two types of traffics. The free traffic and the paid traffic. 

But then, I recently learned of the third traffic.

And it is your most valuable traffic: The Traffic You Own.

Three Types of Traffic

Russell Brunson, author of the book DotCom Secrets, classified traffic into three types:

  • First - The Traffic You Control
  • Second - The Traffic You Don't Control
  • Third - The Traffic You Own​
The traffic you control 

The traffic you control is the traffic wherein you have the ability to tell it where to go. And this is the traffic that gets to your page through paid ads. So, the Paid Traffic is the traffic you control. These are people who clicked any of your banner ads, pay-per-click ads, email ads and native ads, and land on the page you direct them to.

ads bring traffic

Furthermore​, this is the traffic you more or less know. Why? Because you targeted them with your paid ads or campaign. And you're aware of the time frame by which this traffic comes.

The traffic you don't control is the traffic brought to you by:
  • Search traffic (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Guess blog traffic
  • Guess interview traffic​

So, the traffic you don't control is your Free Traffic. They're also strangers directed to your page mostly by search traffic and referral link traffic. I refer to it as windfall.

The traffic you own is the ultimate kind of traffic. This includes your:
  • Email List
  • Followers
  • Readers
  • Subscribers

You can send them email campaigns whenever you want. Post messages to your followers. Or make a blog post for your subscribers and readers. It's free traffic that you own. How? Because it can generate instant traffic without having to pay for SEO or Google or Facebook.


​The traffic you own is your exclusive distribution channel without the marketing cost. This is why mentors always hammer on the value of building your list: "You must build a LIST."

"Your ONE and only goal is to OWN all the traffic you can. This is how you can grow your list and increase your sales." - Russell Brunson 
So, how do you get to own all the traffic you can?

First, make sure you don't waste any traffic you get.

Always send them to an Opt-in Page or a Squeeze Page. You must also find ways to incorporate an Opt-in form in your blog post. Find ways for your traffic to log their email on your page. Furthermore, give them a pleasant compelling reason to do so.

Build traffic you own

I'm no techie. And I used to cringe when I read about needing to have squeeze pages and opt-in forms and email catchers. But I've found the tool for creating amazing forms designed to help build your list and own traffic. It's the one I use too.

Learn about creating opt-in forms in my other blog posts specifically dedicated to creating opt-in forms. Learn how to build your list and own traffic fast. The following recommended reading are detailed tutorials that will enable you to start building your LIST = Your Own Traffic.

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Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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