Are you wasting your traffic?

website traffic

Are you wasting your traffic?

Now, I'm not talking about the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila. Just making that clear early on. 🙂

This post is referring to your website's traffic.

You see, I enrolled in another online course. (Yes! Another one!) And I'm making sure I consume or study a module each day.  And today, there's this important take away that I just have to share with you.

Right now.

Why? Because though it seems obvious, it's kinda... not!

Let me explain.

We all strive and toil every day to make sure we drive and get traffic to our site. It's one of the many "first things" coaches drill on us to learn.

But if you forget this one vital key element, all that traffic, and all that effort go to waste.

Even Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income admits he overlooked it at the start. That if there's one mistake he could take back, it would be the one that relates to this one thing.

Say, you have large traffic volume. Google analytics shows your site's significant increasing page visitors trend. You say, Great!

And then you wonder, where's the customer?

There are many sites that get a good deal of traffic yet still doesn't earn much.

You may think you need to attract more traffic. But you may just be missing these things on your site. Look at the examples below.

website traffic

This can either be a Landing page or a Screen Filler Lightbox Leads form. When you clicked on the button, a lightbox Opt-in form appears.

website traffic

Here's another good. A sidebar lead form for a webinar.

website traffic

When you clicked on the form button, you're taken to a landing page. And then to the webinar registration once you confirmed.

website traffic
website traffic

Another similar approach is the lead form at the sidebar for an mp3 download. Again, when you clicked on it, an Opt-in lightbox appears. 

website traffic

This time the Opt-in form has a video presentation.

website traffic

These are samples of 2-step Opt-in forms.  Opt-in or lead forms enable your website to get qualified traffic into your email list. 

Before you even send people to your site, make sure you have your Opt-in forms done and set-up. The 2-step Opt-in is an effective way to qualify visitors and get their contact information. And you should really have a couple of these on your website to serve your visitors.

Otherwise, you may just be wasting much of the traffic that's finding your site.


Before putting work and effort on driving traffic to your website, make sure you have the ways of qualifying your traffic and collecting their emails. You'll be missing the chance of building connections if you don't implement Opt-in forms on your site.

So, if you think you're probably letting your traffic go to waste, fix it now. Your future self will thank you for it.

website traffic

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Keep learning and keep growing. Simplify and up your value today.

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

Jing Agustin|Authentic Creative Value Builder

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